Soroksári út 8-10 [map]
Pest South, IX, Boráros tér (T4/6), 4 min

Rating: 9.2/10

This cheap bar, under the Raiffeisen Bank sign in Boráros tér, is a funny little place. Inside, it looks as if an interior designer, who also happens to be a teahouse enthusiast and a hippy, has thrown a bit of a wobbly.

None of the tables are at the same height, it’s dark in some places, light in others, and the drapes suspended from the centre of the ceiling make you feel like you’re drinking in a Big Top. And, while at first it isn’t exactly clear whether you should take your shoes off, downstairs in the concert space (usually worth the entrance fee), this decision is made for you. A cloakroom attendant collects them, leaving everyone in stocking feet. It makes for a rather quaint dance floor.

The bar itself is part of the sinister-sounding ‘Cökxpôn Ambient Society,’ which is actually an organisation formed in 1999 for young artists and environmentalists who like ambient music. They have close ties to Tilos radio and regularly operate a tent at the Sziget festival. However, in spite of the name, acts booked to play here are varied - the Szilvási Gypsy Folk Band for example, are hardly famous for chill out sets.

Still, Cökxpôn isn’t for everyone. The toilets seem to be under construction (they aren‘t), and the location feels a little inconvenient, unless you live in the 8th district or are on your way to A38. But that‘s part of the appeal. If it were in Central Pest, full of people every night and spotlessly clean, then it wouldn‘t be anywhere near as interesting. It’s open from six pm until very late.

Service: 8.5/10
Atmosphere: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10
What people we know think: 8.5/10

Get off the 4,6 tram at Mester Utca and walk towards the river. When you get to the night bus stop at Boráros, turn left onto the square and start walking towards LUMU. Carry on for about two minutes and Cökxpôn is on the left, directly under the Maxell sign. hub choice

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Andy T.



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