Prága Kávéház és Teázó

Baross utca 8 [map]
Pest South, VIII, Kalvin tér (M3), 2 min

Rating: 8.6/10

Prága Kávéház is effortlessly satisfying. It has a traditional feel, without laying it on too thick, coffee served in a myriad of ways, a decent selection of teas and wines, beer on tap, and a few light snacks that are pretty light but reasonably priced.

In winter, shell lamps diffuse a warm glow through the basement-level windows, while in summer, the pavement outside is ample enough for enjoying a drink without feeling like you’re sitting in the road.

Prága seems proud of its coffee. It’s hard to escape the fact that they use “100% Arabica coffee”, and the menu, in English and Hungarian, goes as far as to make a distinction between a latte and a tejeskávé. The fact that it’s served with a small biscuit and a shot glass of water doesn’t do any harm to the idea that you’re being ever-so-slightly pampered either. (Perhaps I’m easy to please!)

The furniture, photographs, dark, bare floorboards, and staff who seem to know what they’re doing all contribute to the ambiance. Low-level music, of which I can only hear the bass and tripped-out rhythms proves that you can still create the right atmosphere without setting everything back to 1910.

Prága Kávéház is bigger than you think too, so if it looks too full don’t turn back too soon because it’s hard to find such range, value and atmosphere elsewhere in the city.

Service: 8.5/10
Atmosphere: 9/10

Value for money: 8.5/10
What people we know think: 9/10

Kálvin tér, walk down Baross utca. Prága Kávéház és Teázó is on the left, as the pavement starts to widen out.
Praga, Prague, Praha, hub choice
Andy Sz.



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