Dürer Kert

Ajtósi Dürer sor 19–21 [map]
Outer Pest, XIV, Zichy Géza utca, (Trolley 74, 75), 1 min

Rating: 7.9/10

Adolescence–a strange time, obviously. Overwhelmed at the sight of unforeseen hair, strange feelings “down there,” and more grease on your face than the local 1-hour oil and lubeit’s a rapid change that’s hard to cope with. The same holds true for Dürer Kert.

More often than not, Budapest seems to slip off the radar of renowned touring acts. It’s an up-and-coming city confronted with a new found sense of capitalism. Inevitably, touring bands looking to stop where there’s an audience are starting to give Budapest the time of day and Dürer is proving to be the go-to venue. As the weeks pass, the number of international acts performing here burgeons. Dürer may not be exactly the best candidate for such a rapid succession of concerts night after night, but it has stepped up to the plate and there’s something admirable in that.

While A38 tends to be the venue for larger bands and an audience with an income to match, Dürer is the opposite. Plenty of the shows hover around the 1000 forint mark; the program varies night to night and is oft eclectic, much like the wide-ranging and changing style choices today's youth tend to cycle through. I’ve seen a Norwegian experimental/noise outfit on a Sunday evening, American underground rock and roll, and a Brazilian cultural carnival. Bands that only teenage Goths in black trench coats should [not] see come through at a fervent pace, while Hungarian local outfits and international hip-hop have also featured. Everything is fair game.

While Dürer isn’t in the most convenient of locations, it’s not that far off either. Located at the southeastern edge of City Park, it's on the fence between “too far” and “close enough.” If it were your neighborhood bar, you'd be pumped to have such a place nearby. The beer is cheap (less than 400 forint for most draught beers), there’s plenty of palinka and the bartenders are friendly enough. Aside from the performance space, the area to lounge and have a few drinks is akin to the living room vibe of Mumus, Szimpla Dupla, and other Budapest bar staples. If it were located within the limits of the fifth through eighth districts, otherwise known as “cool town,” it would certainly be mentioned in the same breath.

It’s not likely anyone would venture out so far just for just a moderately priced beer and a spot to chill without the option of other bars and restaurants nearby. However, if a concert is your motive and you're feeling a bit pubescent, then Dürer is an asset, necessity, and a welcomed addition to Budapest’s music scene.

To see what's on right now at Dürer Kert, check their official website here.

Service: 8.0/10
Atmosphere: 7.8/10

Value for money: 8/10
What people we know think: 8/10

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Once at the Zichy Géza utca trolley stop, simply cross the street, the entrance to Dürer is easy to spot.

Jacob P.



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