Jég Büfé

Ferenciek tere [map]
Pest Centre, V, Ferenciek tere (M3), 0 min

Rating: 8.0/10

For coffee, cakes, waffles or ice cream on the run, Jég Büfé is fast, functional and reassuringly Hungarian.

This is not a cafe; you can’t sit down, for one. The more leisurely customers stand at the window counters, their eyes drifting out across Ferenciek tere, as they unconsciously persuade vast cream cakes to fit into their tiny mouths.

As with that other Hungarian institution, Hentes - the eat-in butcher's shop, there’s a procedure that you have to master:

  1. decide what you want
  2. remember the name
  3. mumble something incomprehensible to the woman at the cash desk
  4. pay
  5. take your receipt back to the counter to see if you've bought the right thing

God only knows what happens if you choose the last piece of chocolate cake and someone else claims it while you’re busy paying at the till! I'm sure there must be a system to deal with it though because Jég Büfé has an answer for everything. In the summer, part of the shop front opens up to sell ice cream; in the winter, a small round hatch ensures that waffles are despatched before your bus leaves.

There are plenty of sit-down cafes in the immediate vicinity so if you want to relax, there’s no need to compromise. However, Jég Büfé is convenient, cheap and a great place for people-watching. So if you’ve just got twenty minutes to kill, it’s ideal.

Service: 7/10
Atmosphere: 7/10

Value for money: 8/10
What people we know think: 7/10

In the metro underpass, look for bus signs that say "Buda felé". Jég Büfé is right there by the bus stop.
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Andy Sz.



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