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No matter how long you're in Budapest for, there are a few places we think you should really check out. So we've created:

Click on the logo above, or in the right-hand menu in any of the sections: bars & cafes; eating out; or sightseeing, to find our list of unmissables. Or just keep your eyes peeled for the tag.

If there's anywhere you think we've overlooked, please let us know.

Andy T.



  1. AC said...

    try M (restaurant)in Kertesz utca;
    Ellato and Sark on Klauzal ter;
    Lampas is also a cute cosy place, even cheaper than Siraly (Dob utca next to Spinoza);
    check out Majorka in Buda (near Janos korhaz on Szilagyi Erzsebet fasor);
    and dont forget those outdoor places on Margaret Island when summer comes

    (rumor has it that Szoda terasz is open on top of Corvin...)  

  2. Bars and Cafes said...

    Thanks AC. Most of those are on the getting-around-to-it list but Majorka is new to me. I'll check it out - especially since we're so thin on the ground Buda-wise.

    Corvinteto is indeed open, although the actual roof bit, to my knowledge, isn't yet.

    Szia, Andy.  

  3. Counselor said...

    try Főbejárat
    its new and its right next to Pizza hut on Deak, near Deak...i wanna see what you think...  

  4. Anonymous said...

    Could you highlight places where you can get the non-pedestrian lagers and ales in Budapest? I tire of same old lagers made by the big nasty mutli-nationals like Soproni, Dreher, Staropramen, and Arany Aszok.  


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