A38 Hajó

Petőfi hid [map]
Buda, XI, Petőfi híd (Budai hídfő) (T4/6), 2 min

Mention a boat party and an image pops into my head of the cast of Baywatch - they've just wrapped a new series, the sun is slinking out of sight and they're smugly drinking pina coladas.

That however, couldn’t be further removed from Budapest’s own version of a party boat, the A38. This vessel is a not-particularly-glamorous-sounding ‘former Ukrainian stone carrier,’ moored firmly to the foot of Petőfi hid in Buda.

Principally a concert venue, there’s also a restaurant on the top floor. Because of the large windows, this is the only place you can really tell you’re not on dry land. Below deck, the bulk of the ship is a large, dark, and loud auditorium.

Aside from and Petőfi Csarnok, Dürer Kert and Merlin, A38 is one of the few places in town that can host gigs of a certain size, by bands who are popular, but not that popular. The ship’s program is commendably eclectic - local heroes sit alongside internationally recognised artists such as Horrace Andy, Sisters of Mercy, DJ Krush, Erik Truffaz and The Melvins. Big concerts tend to sell out quickly.

One criticism I’ve heard levelled at A38 is that the atmosphere can be a little flat. While there is truth in this, it’s an argument which can be made about most venues here. As ever, a lot depends on the way foreign artists feel about playing in Hungary and how the crowd respond. Catch it on the wrong night and you’ll be disappointed. Catch it on the right night and the room shakes, perhaps to the point where you vaguely question the wisdom of what you're doing and wonder if there's any precedent of party boats capsizing.

Anything remotely Balkan (Fanfare Ciocarlia, Gogol Bordello) is guaranteed to go down well. Tickets are available from the boat or at tex.hu offices.
838, 8 38, a 38, eh 38, the boat, concert boat,
Get off the 4,6 tram at Petőfi hid, Buda side, and walk back towards the river. Go down the steps by the bridge and the boat is in front of you.

Andy T.

838, 8 38, a 38, eh 38, the boat, concert boat,


  1. Julianne said...

    Good to know!
    I'd like to maybe see a show or two there when I visit BP in a few years, so this is all really helpful.


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